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ABOUT THE REGION - Geirangerfjord, Ålesund & Sunnmøre
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How to get here

Domestic flight connections are good, with direct flights from the largest cities of Norway to Ålesund Airport Vigra and to Ørsta/Volda Airport Hovden. Direct flights to Copenhagen and Riga. Northbound and southbound coastal express Hurtigruten calls daily at Ålesund and Torvik by Fosnavåg, and during summer season you can join daily round trips between Ålesund and Geiranger. Good bus connections to/from most cities and towns in Norway. The train trip with Raumabanen is an experience in itself, from Åndalsnes the "Train Bus" takes you further on to Ålesund & Sunnmøre.

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Public transport

It is easy to travel around Sunnmøre. Along the coast and in the fjords, speed boats and ferries bring you litterally in all directions, binding the fjord- and coast district together. The popular bus TIMEkspressen brings you quickly once an hour between Kristiansund and Volda. Local bus companies connect most towns in the district. During weekends, the travel route should be planned thoroughly if you want to use public transport as your mean of locomotion, due to a more limited time schedule compared to week days.

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Geiranger, Ålesund and Sunnmøre can offer a wide selection of car/taxi hire, for those who like flexibility and do not have their own car on the trip. In addition, a series of small and large boats can be hired - with or without skipper. If you want to experience Geiranger, Ålesund and Sunnmøre from the air - well, you can!

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Tourist Information Offices

The Tourist Information in Ålesund is centrally situated at Skateflukaia in the town centre. The office is open all year, with extended opening hours during summer season. The Tourist Information in Valldal is open all year, and Geiranger Tourist Information is open for the public in the period April-October. The Tourist Information Offices in Ørsta, Stordal, Eidsdal, Stranda, Hellesylt, Fosnavåg and Ulsteinvik are also open all year round.

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The exciting town-, coast- and fjord area consists of 17 municipalities, which all offer their own distinctive stamp, attractions and activities. The municipalities have service centres, located in the local Town Hall. A number of these also include tourist information services.

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Bank & post

Standard credit cards are accepted in most places, and cash machines (ATMs) are widespread. There are post offices in all municipalities, and many sub-post offices in shops/supermarkets have late opening hours.

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Medical Care

Travellers getting ill or in need of medical care can call the local emergency office, which is manned 24 hours a day. In case of medical emergency, call 113.


Destinasjon Ålesund & Sunnmøre
N-6002 Ålesund
Tel.: 70 16 34 30


Destinasjon Geirangerfjord-Trollstigen
N-6216 Geiranger
Tel.: 70 26 30 99