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GPS coordinates
Latitude: 62.398323942
Longitude: 5.6601905822
On Runde in Herøy you will find the southernmost bird cliff in Norway. Large quantities of sea birds breed in the bird colony on the west side of the island. The birds stay here from April to September but the main season is May and June.
It is a spectacular and interesting experience to see the birds up close. To get to the bird cliffs you can go by foot or take one of the many guided boat trips around the island. This is two quite different ways to experience the bird life, and it may be well worth to try both a hike and a boat trip. Runde has several alternatives for accommodation. Some examples are Goksøyr Camping, Runde Miljøsenter (Environmental Centre) and Christineborg Motel. It’s also possible to stay at the tourist cottage “Runde lighthouse” and you find several houses and cottages for rent. There are two cafes and one museum on the island.

You can also find a lot of beautiful nature tracks, accommodations and fishing opportunities on the neighbouring islands. In the nearest town, Fosnavåg, you will find several shops and restaurants. You will also find the popular swimming facility “Herøy Fritidsbad”.

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Runde Lighthouse

Runde Lighthouse is situated on Kvalneset, northwest of the island Runde. This is one of the 80 listed lighthouses in Norway. The lighthouse became operative in 1767, and was fully manned for 235 years. In 2002 it became a fully automatic lighthouse,...
Address: Kvalneset, nordvestspissen av Runde, 6096 Runde
Telephone: 70 12 58 04

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Rundebranden is the third largest bird mountain in Norway, and has got a thriving bird life as well as a wide range of plants and flowers. The peak is at around 300 metres, and offers views of the ocean, a myriad of islands, and mountains from Stadt to...
Address: 6096 Runde


Apartments at Runde Environmental Centre

Runde Miljøsenter offers apartments and rooms for accommodation. The apartments are brand new and modern, with fully equipped kitchen, bathroom with shower, a double room, a single room and a double sleeping couch in the living room. Furtheron, the...
Address: Runde Miljøsenter, 6096 Runde
Telephone: 70 08 08 00


Quality Hotel Ulstein

Ulsteinviks new cultural centre is attached to the hotel. The cultural hall Sjøborg seats 468 persons and is a perfect location for conferences, concerts and other cultural events. In the cultural centre there is also a cinema seating 118 persons. In...
Address: Sjøgata 10, 6065 Ulsteinvik
Telephone: 70 01 30 00

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Herøy municipality

Herøy, with 8.400 inhabitants, is one of Norway's largest fisheries communities, and comprises a beautiful costal region with small and large islands. One of these islands is Runde, a bird sanctuary with more than 500.000 birds in the brooding season.
Address: Rådhuset, 6099 Fosnavåg
Telephone: 70 08 13 00


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