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From fjord to island

The exciting town-, coast- and fjord area consists of 17 municipalities, which all offer their own distinctive stamp, attractions and activities. The municipalities have service centres, located in the local Town Hall. A number of these also include tourist information services.

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Stordal municipality

With less than 1.000 inhabitants, Stordal is one of Norway's least populated municipalities. The rural area is beautifully situated by Storfjorden, and is surrounded by mountain peaks up to 1200-1300 metres. The mighty mountains have paths...
Address: Kommunehuset, 6250 Stordal
Telephone: 70 27 91 00

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Ulstein municipality

Ulstein municipality is situated on the southern part of Sunnmøre, and has got about 8400 inhabitants. The municipality was granted status as a town in 2000. The area has got strong traditions in shipbuilding, and today Ulstein is home to some of the...
Address: Sjøgt 63, 6065 Ulsteinvik
Telephone: 70 01 75 00

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Vanylven Municipality

Vanylven is a gem of beautiful nature in Møre & Romsdal. Fjords extend far into the mainland, ending in valleys with salmon rivers and an incredible mountain terrain. Several roads into the mountain make the mountains easily accessible. You will find...
Address: 6143 FISKÅ
Telephone: 70 03 00 00

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Ålesund municipality

Ålesund is a bustling town, that is situated between mountians and ocean. The town is Norway's fisheries capital, and one of the world's largest export harbours for dried cod. Ålesund is renowned for its beautiful Art Nouveau buildings.
Address: Keiser Wilhelms gate 11, 6003 Ålesund
Telephone: 70 16 20 00

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Herøy municipality

Herøy, with 8.400 inhabitants, is one of Norway's largest fisheries communities, and comprises a beautiful costal region with small and large islands. One of these islands is Runde, a bird sanctuary with more than 500.000 birds in the brooding season.
Address: Rådhuset, 6099 Fosnavåg
Telephone: 70 08 13 00

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Skodje municipality

Skodje municipality west of Ålesund is a beautiful fiord area with about 4.300 inhabitants. The area offers beautiful mountain peaks, fishing lakes with trout and salmon, and large forests with unique possibilities for recreation and outdoor activities.
Address: Rådmannskontoret, 6260 Skodje
Telephone: 70 24 40 00

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Sykkylven municipality

The picturesque fiord municipality Sykkylven has got 7.700 inhabitants, and is renowned both domestic and abroad for its furniture industry. The area offers some spectacular scenery, with narrow fiords, fertile valleys and mighty mountain peaks.
Address: Kyrkjevegen 62, 6230 Sykkylven
Telephone: 70 24 65 00

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Hareid municipality

Hareid municipality is situated in Southern Sunnmøre, and has a lot to offer in industry, service and leisure time activities. Hareid makes up half of the large island Hareidlandet, the other part belongs to Ulstein municipality. There are about 4.700...
Address: 6060 Hareid
Telephone: 70 09 50 00

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Ørsta municipality

With its population of about 10.250, Ørsta is the largest municipality on the mainland of the county of Møre og Romsdal. Ørsta has a broad range of industry, consisting mainly of furniture manufacturers, metal-working companies and food processing industries, hydroelectric power stations, various services and agriculture.
Address: Rådhuset, 6150 Ørsta
Telephone: 70 06 85 18

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Sande municipality

Sande lies in the southern region of Sunnmøre, and comprises several small and large islands, with and without population. The area has a lot to offer in fishing, surfing, diving and mountain hiking. Come and see the spectacular cave...
Address: Rådhuset, 6084 Larsnes
Telephone: 70 02 67 00

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Haram municipality

Haram is the northernmost municipality in Sunnmøre, and comprises a large mainland area and four islands known as Nordøyane. The maritime industrial area has got about 8.800 inhabitants, and offers magnificent places with wild oceans and...
Address: Storgata 19, 6270 Brattvåg
Telephone: 70 20 76 04

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Volda municipality

Volda is a fjord municipality, situated in the inner parts of Sunnmøre. The municipality is renowned as an oasis for education and beautiful nature, and has got about 8.700 inhabitants. Volda College attracts more than 2,000 students from near and far...
Address: Stormyra 2, 6100 Volda
Telephone: 70 05 87 00

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Giske municipality

Giske municipality is situated just west of Ålesund, and the island community is connected to Ålesund through two long sub-sea tunnels. The municipality has got around 6.800 inhabitants spread out on the four islands of Giske, Godøy, Vigra and Valderøy,...
Address: 6050 Valderøya
Telephone: 70 18 80 00

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Sula municipality

Sula municipality south of Ålesund is an island with five village communities. The municipality has got a rich and exciting cultural agenda, and is well known for its music traditions. Sula has also got great areas for hiking and outdoor...
Address: 6030 Langevåg
Telephone: 70 19 91 00

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Ørskog municipality

Ørskog municipality, with 2.000 inhabitants, is centrally located on the north side of the Storfjord, and is an important link between Sunnmøres coastal regions and inner fjord regions. The mountains in Ørskog make up the border between the Sunnmøre and...
Address: 6240 Ørskog
Telephone: 70 27 29 26

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Flø is a community that lies on the end shore of Ulstein. It has got some amazing pebble and sand beaches. The area is rough and beautiful and the fishing are fantastic! The activites are many and varius. Enjoy swimming, surfing, explore the mountains,...
Address: 6065 Ulsteinvik
Telephone: 70 01 75 00

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