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Ålesund municipality

Ålesund is a bustling town, that is situated between mountians and ocean. The town is Norway's fisheries capital, and one of the world's largest export harbours for dried cod. Ålesund is renowned for its beautiful Art Nouveau buildings.
Address: Keiser Wilhelms gate 11, 6003 Ålesund
Telephone: 70 16 20 00

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Hiking trip to Sukkertoppen - the Sugar Top (314 m)

From Sukkertoppen (The Sugar Top), you can get a magnificent view with both city, coast and fjord in one! From the centre of Ålesund you can drive, bicycle or take the local bus to Hessa and eventually park at the primary school, just west of the...
Address: Keiser Wilhelms gate 11Rådhuset, 6003 Ålesund
Telephone: 70 16 20 15

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Walk to Tueneset and Hessabana

Address: 6003 Ålesund

Contact details

Destinasjon Ålesund & Sunnmøre
N-6002 Ålesund
Tel.: 70 16 34 30

Destinasjon Geirangerfjord-Trollstigen
N-6216 Geiranger
Tel.: 70 26 30 99