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6214 Norddal

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The beautiful Herdalen with Herdalssetra lies 500 metres above sea level up from the village of Norddal and is within the UNESCO World Heritage area.

The drive up the toll road (10 km) is steep and fascinating with its many waterfalls, ending at Herdalsvatnet, which stretches about 2 kilometres into the valley.

Naustrekkja in Osen has information about the local nature and culture in the protected landscape, where a small exhibition in one of the boathouses focuses in particular on transport and wetlands farming in bygone times.

The road runs along the waterside, and at the end of the path grassy meadows spread out over the wide valley floor. At the end of these meadows lies the unique Herdalssetra, which forms an intimate group of 30 old farmhouses. There are also a number of ruins from old farms and farmhouses.

This is one of the largest community alpine farm centres for goat farming in Norway, and there is an unbroken tradition of alpine farming here stretching back in time more than 300 years. Here you can try goats cheese and goats milk caramel, made in the traditional manner. Wandering amongst the old buildings and breathing the fresh mountain air and the scent of grazing farm animals gives you peace of mind difficult to find elsewhere.

Behind the farm soars mount Hereggja (1557 masl), and the landscape invites you to mountain hikes and fishing expeditions. You can stay in the farmhouse, buy a fishing license and hire a boat. The centre also has its own, simple farmhouse café, where you can try traditional Norwegian sour cream porridge with cured meats during the summer season.




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01/01/2010 - 31/12/2010CarToll road50.00Vinterstengt
01/01/2010 - 31/12/2010CoachToll road400.00Vinterstengt
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Fishing in Herdal and surroundings

Trout fishing in the lake Herdalsvatnet (496 m.a.s.l.), the lakes in Nøre-Herdalen, Vassdalen, Grjøtdalsvatnet, Kallskaret and in the river Herdøla and the inlet rivers to Herdalsvatnet. The starting point for fishing in this area is the summer farm...
Address: 6214 Norddal
Telephone: +47 70 25 77 67

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