Rafting in Valldal

GPS coordinates
Latitude: 62.297700804
Longitude: 7.2642988994

Age limit

15 years

Credit cards

American Express, BankAxept, Maestro, MasterCard, Visa


Ferry, Grocery / Convenience, Info / tourist / welcome center


4 hours


August, July, June, May

Join rafting for a fresh, action-packed nature experience in beautiful surroundings. Rafting in Valldal is suitable for most, both beginners and those who have tried rafting before. The river Valldøla is great for rafting with whitewater rapids spread out over the 11km long section that we paddle..

On the river 

The trip starts with exiting rapids and waves the first part. When the river gets a little calmer, we do our first stop on the rafting trip. All guests get the opportunity to try to swim through a rapid in the river. It’s an exciting and rewarding experience to feel the forces of the river as you float down the waves. Then we continue down the river between high mountains and strawberry fields. Slightly over half of the trip we make a longer stop at the riverside. We make a fire, boil water and everyone gets served a Norwegian pancake with strawberries from Valldal and sour cream. It’s nice to have a little break and get some energy before we start on the last and most interesting part of the river. It speeds up and we get more and longer rapids to paddle through. After about 11 km of beautiful scenery, adventure and excitement, the rafts floats quietly out in the beautiful Norddalsfjord by Valldal, where we take the rafts ashore and walk back to put on dry clothes.



Price from

- 4 hoursTour890.00
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Contact details

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