The fire in Ålesund

During the early hours of 23 January 1904 a terrible fire raged through Ålesund. In the space of 16 hours, 850 houses burned to the ground, and ten thousand people were left homeless.

The fire in Ålesund
Photo: Aalesunds Museum

Thanks to prodigious efforts by the local population and others who came from far and near to help, most of the town centre had been rebuilt by 1907. The architects who took part in the reconstruction were young Norwegians inspired by both National Romanticism and the contemporary modern architecture that was prevalent in Europe, the Art Nouveau style with its myriad of turrets, spires, gables and fantastic ornamentation. Today, Ålesund has a unique place in the history of Norwegian and international architecture.

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The Art Nouveau Centre & the Art Museum KUBE

The Art Nouveau Centre in Ålesund documents the town's unique architectural history with the establishment of Art Nouveau architecture. Experience the fascinating and exciting history through the time machine that brings you back to the fire in 1904....
Address: Apotekergt. 16, 6004 Ålesund
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Scandic Scandinavie

Scandic Scandinavie is the oldest hotel in Ålesund, and the only one constructed in the renowned Art Nouveau Style. The unique hotel from 1905 went through a complete renovation in 2014. The Art Nouveau Style, combined with modern Scandinavian Style, is...
Address: Løvenvoldgt. 8, 6002 Ålesund
Telephone: 70 15 78 00

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The Art Nouveau Town

Ålesund is today the town in Norway with most Art Nouveau buildings situated within a small geographical area. Take a walk through the town streets, and enjoy the sight of the beautiful buildings that were built after the Town Fire in 1904! On the...
Address: Skateflukaia, 6002 Ålesund
Telephone: 70 16 34 30

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