Real Experiences in Geirangerfjord

Geirangerfjord is known as the real jewel of the Norwegian fjords. With its characteristic S shape, high waterfalls and abandoned mountain farms, the fjord landscape is included on UNESCO’s list of World Heritage sites. Here you find unspoilt and beautiful nature and cultural experiences the whole year round!

Geiranger seen from the terrasse at the Hotel Union
Geiranger seen from the terrasse at the Hotel Union
Photo: Terje Rakke/Nordic Life/DGT

Destination Geirangerfjord consists of two municipalities, Norddal and Stranda. They are both located in the inner part of Sunnmøre, which is one of the three administrative districts of the county of Møre and Romsdal. The destination offers the very best of tourism in Norway. In addition to iconic Geirangerfjorden and the surrounding World Heritage area, the district includes parts of the Reinheimen National Park and the National Tourist Route (Nasjonale Turistvegen) from Geiranger to the Troll Paths Road (Trollstigen).  The destination is close to Art Nouveau town Ålesund and attractions such as Briksdalsbreen glacier in Nordfjord. The towns of Molde and Kristiansund are not far away either, while the majestic mountains in Romsdalen and the beautiful Atlantic Road (Atlanterhavsvegen) are places one should certainly visit.

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Top 10 - spring and autumn

Spring and autumn in Geirangerfjord – beautiful contrasts

Experience Geiranger and the surrounding area out of season. While summer is hectic and charming in its own way, the other seasons are splendid in the fjord country as well. There are fewer people and the natural environment arguably offers more than in the summer. You will never forget a fine spring day under the Seven Sisters – it is pure magic.

Top 10 - winter and ski

Strandafjellet and the Alps of Sunnmøre – for the skiing enthusiast

In winter the area around Geirangerfjord offers fantastic opportunities for the skiing enthusiast. Summit ascents in the Alps of Sunnmøre lead you to runs from 4,600 feet right down to the fjord – an experience you will never forget! If you like prepared slopes Strandafjellet, recently modernised with a chair lift , gondola lift and two pavilions at the top, is a powder paradise with reliable snow conditions.

Top 10 - outdoor

Geirangerfjord - experience nature in action

Want a bit of action? Try a kayak tour in the fjord - there are kayaks to hire in many of the villages in the area. There are guided tours from Geiranger daily at 11 o’clock during the summer season. Or why not try rafting in Valldalen – generally for the bold, but there are also trips suitable for families.

Topp 10 - the fjord farms

The farms along the fjords – living cultural history

People have lived along the fjords and between the fjords and the mountains for thousands of years. In a harsh natural environment and a demanding climate they found a way to make a living based on fishing and agriculture. One of the clearest signs of old cultural history is the many abandoned farms along Sunnylvsfjorden and Geirangerfjorden. A trip to one of these will be a high point of your holiday.

Top 10 - hiking and mountain trips

Rambling and mountain trips in the World Heritage landscape

Rambling and mountain walking in the Norwegian landscape are things most Norwegians value highly. More and more foreign guests are also discovering the pleasure of being out and about in our countryside. In the fjord and mountain country around Geirangerfjorden everything is right for walking experiences.

Top 10 - National Tourist Route

The National Tourist Route – The Golden Route

The National Tourist Route from Geiranger to Trollstigen, also known as “The Golden Route” is probably the toughest stretch of road in Norway! The spectacular mountain roads are engineering marvels and the picturesque and charming villages, the strikingly beautiful landscape, local food along the road and stopping places prepared under the auspices of The National Tourist Route are things everyone ought to experience!

Top 10 - local food

Local food – with the taste of the Norwegian countryside

In the Geirangerfjord area large quantities of food are produced - both industrially and farm food on a small scale. In the restaurants and cafes you can buy top quality local food and many of the farms sell products such as berries, fruit, fruit juice, brawn, cheese, goat’s meat, mør (a form of preserved meat), preserved sausage, etc. Take the taste of the real Norwegian countryside away with you!

Top 10 - vantage points

Vantage points that take your breath away

The world renowned vantage points around Geiranger must be experienced. From higher up you have a fantastic view over the World Heritage Area, with deep fjords and high mountains. It is difficult not to be bewitched by the sight!

Top 10 - sightseeing

Sightseeing in Geirangerfjorden – close in to the landscape, waterfalls and abandoned farms

The best way to experience Geirangerfjorden is of course by sea! See the abandoned farms and hear the fascinating history of those who lived ‘Where no one would believe that anyone could live'. Sail right in to the waterfalls Dei Sju Systre, Friaren og Brudesløret (the Seven Sisters, the Suitor and the Bridal Veil). This is landscape at its wildest and most beautiful.

Top 10 - Herdalssetra

Herdalssetra – part of the World Heritage Area

The summer mountain pasture (seter) of Herdalssetra in Norddalen, about 30 minutes from Geiranger, is part of the World Heritage Area. Farm products such as goat’s cheese and goat’s milk caramels are made here. There are free range cows, goats and sheep and overnight stays are possible in many of the old seter houses.

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