Herdalssetra – part of the World Heritage Area

The summer mountain pasture (seter) of Herdalssetra in Norddalen, about 30 minutes from Geiranger, is part of the World Heritage Area. Farm products such as goat’s cheese and goat’s milk caramels are made here. There are free range cows, goats and sheep and overnight stays are possible in many of the old seter houses.

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Idyllic Herdalssetra in Norddal has 300 years of unbroken seter tradition and with its 300 milking goats it is one of the largest cooperative pastures for goats in the country. There are cows, sheep and fjord horses on the seter as well. Herdalssetra is a real playground for the young, with many nature activities based on seter life. The seter hamlet has a unique collection of buildings with over 30 old seter houses in the cluster. There are also many house foundations – the remains of former farms and seter activities. Until the start of the 1700s there was a permanent settlement here and the farm's history goes back to Viking times.

Old traditions such as making brown and white goat’s cheese and genuine goat’s milk caramels are maintained here. Here, in the old farm, you can participate as a guest in a time warp of smells and tastes. Hear the history of the many old house foundations, ancient farm houses and barns, the making and tasting of cheese and be informed about the “modern” cooperative farm from 1960 onwards. In Kaffistova (the cafe) the milkmaids serve traditional seter food in the summer.

Herdalssetra is an outstanding place for outdoor people. There are good trout fishing conditions in the lake. You can also buy grouse shooting permits and obtain more information about hunting and fishing here.

The seter is a good starting point for walking tours inland towards Tafjordfjella or over to Geiranger. You can find descriptions of the routes on the web site of Ålesund-Sunnmøre Turistforening (Trekking Association).

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The beautiful Herdalen with Herdalssetra lies 500 metres above sea level up from the village of Norddal and is within the UNESCO World Heritage area. The drive up the toll road (10 km) is steep and fascinating with its many waterfalls, ending at...
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Fishing in Herdal and surroundings

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