Summit ski tours in the Sunnmøre Alps

The Sunnmøre Alps surrounds the Hjørundfjord, with summits raising straight from the fjord and up to heights of 1700 metres.

Summit ski tours in the Sunnmøre Alps
Summit ski tours in the Sunnmøre Alps

The summit ski experience is especially memorable if the transport in the area is done by boat, bringing you close to the elements and allowing starting points on your ski trip that is innacessible by other means of transport.

Actin offers such an all inclusive trip, where you can enjoy the summit tours and the boat trips between events with other enthusiasts in a small group.

Typically a day with Actin could be like this:
The group of travellers meet at the harbour of the beautiful city of Ålesund and enters "Vikaskjær" - a charming fishing boat from 1946 with plenty of history of its own. Then the boat trip to Hjørundfjord starts, with a focus on getting to know each other and storytelling about new and old events on spots in the region as we pass them. 
In Hjørundfjord the ideal starting point for the skiing is found. The quest for great experiences and the virgin snow starts. 
The summit ski trip, all the way with spectacular views to the fjord and the mountain ranges, the good company and the off piste experience is something that you will never forget. 
The food and beverages are guaranteed to complement the trip. It adds new energy and is a focus point for social events and the pure pleasure of eating good and healthy food: The food served on a trip like this, will give you a taste of the elements you are in, based on short travelled goods of high quality. Salmon, cod and deer are possible choices, and always with something nice to drink.
The pictures are from a trip to Blåbretind (1476 masl).
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