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Cabins & holiday houses

Cabins & holiday houses

In the area, you will find rustique sea houses and cabins, as well as a variety of cosy holiday houses and apartments.

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Gunnabuda - accomodation Cabins

The holiday centre Gunnabuda is situated on Longva, on the island Flemsøya, north of Ålesund. Gunnabuda offers 3 comfortable cabins located directly on the waterfront. All cabins have their own bathroom with a shower, a well equipped kitchen in...
Address: Longva, 6293 Longva
Telephone: 70 21 78 16


Accommodation at Runde Environmental Centre

Runde Miljøsenter offers apartments and rooms for accommodation. The apartments are brand new and modern, with fully equipped kitchen, bathroom with shower, a double room, a single room and a double sleeping couch in the living room. Furtheron, the...
Address: Runde Miljøsenter AS, Rundavegen 237, 6096 Runde
Telephone: 70 08 08 00


Sagafjord Hotel

Explore the newly renovated Sagafjord Hotel - Lodge, Marina & Resort situated in the middle of the fantastic Hjørundfjorden! After a period with full renovation the Hotel opened in July 2012. Sagafjord Hotel has also facilities for conferences and a restaurant.
Address: 6165 Sæbø
Telephone: +47 70 04 02 60


Gunnabuda - accomodation rooms

The holiday centre Gunnabuda is situated on Longva, on the island Flemsøya, north of Ålesund. The main building is located directly on the waterfront and offers 3 double rroms and 1 triple room. The rooms share one bathroom department for men and one for...
Address: Longva, 6293 Longva
Telephone: 70 21 78 16


Troll Fjordhytter

Troll Fjordhytter is designed by one of Norway's best known nature architects, Bjørn V. Eik. The well equipped cabins are made according to old building traditions, with turf, stone and rough wooden materials. The location is fantastic, with a beautiful...
Address: 6140 Syvde
Telephone: +47 70021506

Ellingsøy Rorbuer


Ellingsøy Rorbuer

Welcome to Ellingsøy Rorbuer... Ellingsøy Rorbuer are located at Ellingsøya in Ålesund municipality. The Cabins (rorbuer) are idyllically placed in the Ellingsøyfjord with a panoramic view to the Sunnmøre Alps and beautiful fjord.    With...
Address: Lyngholmvegen 490, 6057 Ellingsøy

Copyright © Bukkholmen Rorbuer


Bukkholmen Rorbuer

On a small island in the Borgund fiord you can stay comfortably in a fisherman's shack. The rooms are well equipped, with beds for six people. A room where you can cut and store your fish, and a rowing boat included in the price.
Address: Øvre Kipperberget 3, 6030 Langevåg
Telephone: 70 19 21 34

Copyright © Kragset Hamn


Kragset Marina

Kragseth Hamn is situated at Hakallestranda in Vanylven. The resort consists of 5 sea houses in total, all with an exclusive and high standard. Four of the sea houses are brand new, designed by architects and with a high standard. Water-based...
Address: Hakallestrand, 6149 Åram
Telephone: 95 22 69 95

Copyright © Bjørkedalen Gjestehytter


Bjørkedalen Gjestehytter

In the idyllic valley Bjørkedalen you can stay in one of four large and winter isolated cabins with an amazing view of Bjørkedalvatnet water and the surrounding mountains. The charming cabins are named after four sisters that lived in the area around...
Address: 6120 Folkestad
Telephone: 70 05 20 27

Copyright © Standal Alpesenter


Alpehytta Standal - cabins

Welcome to Standaleidet - the crown jewel among the Sunnmøre alps! Here you can rent cabins in a fantastic scenery, where fjord and mountain meet in a unique way. A beautiful hiking terrain right outside the door awaits you - summer like winter! Stay...
Address: Standaleidet, 6184 Storestandal
Telephone: 99 12 23 44

Copyright © Eirikgarden



12 min. from Ålesund centre lies Eirikgarden, an idyllical courtyard with great view, 100 m from the sea. Spacious garden, short distance to beach, golf and nice walks. Cosy and well equipped traditional Norwegian storehouse on pillars with 6 comfortable...
Address: Gjøsund, 6040 Vigra
Telephone: 40046383

Copyright © Marit Brunstad/Sponland Foto


Alnes Gård

Alnes Farm is located in Godøy, more specifically the heart of the small fishing village Alnes. Approximately 25 minutes from Ålesund or Vigra Airport. The fjords, ocean and mountains around Alnes is a unique part of the west Norwegian scenery....
Address: 6055 Godøya

Copyright © Lille Kalvøy Fjordhytter


Lille Kalvøy Fjord cabins

Lille Kalvøy is situated in Ellingsøyfjord, approx. 20 min. with boat from Ålesund. They can offer a small cabin with three bedrooms. It is equipped with satellite dish, outdoor grill, and a storage room by the marina for preparing fish.
Address: 6021 Ålesund
Telephone: 91 13 32 03

Copyright © Flø Feriesenter


Flø Feriesenter A/S

Flø Feriesenter in Ulstein offers eight well-equipped cabins and a camping area. Enjoy a stay in lovely surroundings on the camping ground, or stay comfortably in one of the cabins. The cabins house five people, and have a terrace facing the ocean.
Address: 6065 Ulsteinvik
Telephone: 70 01 50 80

Copyright © Knutegarden - Norangdal


Knutegarden-Norangdal B&B

Knutegard is a farm fully operational with a busy farmyard. The farm is about 250 m. from Norangsfjorden. There are many animals: fjord horses, rabbits, fox, cattle and cats. Guest stay is the Old Farmer apt. in the main building, with separate entrance...
Address: Norangdal, 6196 Norangsfjorden
Telephone: 99 27 94 43

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Goksøyr Camping

Year-round open camp site with many different offers, furthest out by the sea on the bird island Runde. Helpful and knowledgeable owners also offer guiding and directions in a area with remarkable weather conditions and bird sanctuary.
Address: Goksøyr, 6096 Runde
Telephone: 70 08 59 05

Copyright © Solnørvika Fritid


Solnørvika Fritid

In Skodje you can stay comfortably in beautiful surroundings. Solnørvika Fritid offers cabins, apartments, and a large area for tents and caravans. Enjoy the modern common area with many facilities, boat rental and a place to gut and clean your fish.
Address: Valle, 6260 Skodje
Telephone: 990 04 872

Copyright © Stavset Fjordhytte


Stavset Fjordhytte

Large, well equipped holiday house with space for 8 persons at Hjørundfjorden in Ørsta. Beautiful view of the fjord and the powerful Sunnmøre Alps. Excellent fishing opportunities, boat with outboard engine available. The cabin must be booked...
Address: Stavset, Hjørundfjord, 6174 Barstadvik
Telephone: 70 06 15 10

Copyright © Torvholmen AS


Torvholmen AS - Flåvær

On the small island of Torvholmen you can stay comfortably in a charming house facing the shipping lane. The apartments have two double and two simple bedrooms each, and a private boathouse with a long table and an outdoors bathtub heated by firewood.
Address: 6090 Fosnavåg
Telephone: 900 37 905

Copyright © Hjørundfjord Camping


Hjørundfjord Camping

Hjørundfjord Camping is idyllically situated by Hjørundfjorden, surrounded by the mighty Sunnmøre Alps. They have 11 cabins in 4 different categories, space for caravan, camper and tent. Here you can relax in calm surroundings. You can fish in the fjord...
Address: 6165 Sæbø
Telephone: 70 04 00 16

Copyright © Hustadnes Fjordhytter


Hustadnes Fjord cabins

Hustadnes Fjordhytter lies on the Hjørundfjord in Sunnmøre, and is surrounded by the powerful Sunnmørsalps. It's a place for those who like to go fishing in the fjord or Salomon in the river Bondalselva, for moving around in the mountains or just relax and enjoy the nature.
Address: Hustadnes, 6165 Sæbø
Telephone: 70 04 00 85

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Volsdalen Camping

Volsdalen Camping is situated 1,5 km from Ålesund's town centre, and has got a fantastic view of the mountains and the ocean. You can stay at a camping site or in cabins, and enjoy the outdoors activities at a nearby beach.
Address: Sjømannsveien, 6008 Ålesund
Telephone: 70 12 58 90

Copyright © Ålesund Reiselivslag



At Havferie in Nerlandsøy you find a variety of ways to stay, all of high quality. Chose between apartment, house, and fisherman's shacks, suited for 3-8 people. All the buildings are well equipped, and the shacks have a sauna. Boat rental.
Address: Kvalsvik, 6098 Nerlandsøy
Telephone: 70 08 76 23

Copyright © Sjøholt Camping


Sjøholt Camping

At Sjøholt Camping you can stay in both cabins and a large camping area. Four large cabins are well equipped and of high standard, and four smaller ones are of a simpler standard. Guests at the camping area have access to a modern sanitary facility.
Address: 6240 Ørskog
Telephone: 70 27 31 30

Copyright © Terje Rakke/Ålesund Reiselivslag/Fjord Norge AS


Alnes Rorbuferie

In the fishing village Alnes you can stay in a picturesque fisherman's shacks by the ocean. The shacks hold six people, and are well equipped, including a room where you can prepare and store fish. Rowing boat, fishing gear and crab pots are included.
Address: Alnes, 6055 Godøya
Telephone: +47 70 18 51 96

Copyright © Vika Feriesenter


Vika Feriesenter

In Skodje you can stay in comfortable and well- equipped cabins for 4-6 people at Vika Feriesenter. You can also stay at the camping site for caravans and tents, with access to a facility area. Boat rental, beach, kiosk and good fishing possibilities.
Address: Håhjem, 6260 Skodje
Telephone: 70 27 62 06

Copyright © Sessgarden



Sessgarden lies in the picturesque Hjørundfjorden in Norway and offers rooms and boats for hire. Nyehuset - three bedrooms and a spacious living room overlooking the fjord. Ripa - a more traditional cottage with two bedrooms.
Address: Hjørundfjorden, 6190 Bjørke
Telephone: 70 05 01 30

Copyright © Kvilehytta



The cabins at Kvilehytta lie 120 m asl. with a marvellous view of fjords, mountains and the village Åheim in Vanylven. Café/restaurant next door. Well equipped cabins with floor heating, terrace, bath room and 2 bedrooms in each.
Address: 6146 Åheim
Telephone: 90 85 04 14

Copyright © Solnør Gaard/Johan Daae-Qvale


Solnør Gaard - Seaside house

Idyllic resort with seaside location at Solnørvika, 25 min. from Aalesund. Centrally located to attractions as Runde, Geiranger, Trollstigen. 4 bedrooms /8 beds. 10 min. walking distance to the 18-hole golf course, tennis-court and fishing. Private jetty...
Address: Solnør Gaard, 6260 Skodje
Telephone: +47 70 24 47 30

Copyright © Trandal Fjordhytter


Trandal Fjord cabins

In Trandal, the little village at Hjørundfjorden, surrounded by the famous and Sunnmøre alps, lies Trandal Fjordhytter, with first class cabins in calm and beatiful surroundings of nature. You get to Trandal with car ferry from Sæbø, Leknes and Standal...
Address: 6183 Trandal
Telephone: 70 06 15 52

Copyright © Bondalseidet Hytteutvikling AS


Bondalseidet Ski Apartments

Three new, excellent apartments with what you need, situated at Ørsta Ski Centre, fishing lakes and hiking terrain. 2 apartments in the first floor, 64 square metres and spacious balcony-room. More info at
Address: Bondalseidet, 6150 Ørsta
Telephone: 97 08 73 92


Skjeljavika Hytteutleie

In Skjeljavika in Haram you can stay comfortably in one of three large cabins with room for 4-6 persons. The cabins have got a kitchen with modern utilities, living room and a well-equipped bathroom.
Address: Skjeljavika, 6270 Brattvåg
Telephone: (+47) 905 48 518

Contact details

Destinasjon Ålesund & Sunnmøre
N-6002 Ålesund
Tel.: 70 16 34 30

Destinasjon Geirangerfjord-Trollstigen
N-6216 Geiranger
Tel.: 70 26 30 99