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The area offers everything from luxurious hotels in international environments and family driven hotels with a sense for traditions and personal service, to a simpler accomodation in pensions or motels.

Copyright © Best Western Baronen Hotel


Best Western Baronen Hotell

Best Western Baronen Hotell is located in Spjelkavik, about 10 km from Ålesund. The hotel is well suited for business meetings, and has 66 comfortable rooms with modern facilities. The reception area holds a bar, and the hotel's guests are welcome to...
Address: Kanalveien 1, 6010 Ålesund
Telephone: 70 14 70 00

Copyright © Borg Bed & Breakfast


Borg Bed & Breakfast

Borg B&B offers accommodation in calm surroundings. The rooms are nice and you have your own bathroom, 2 beds, 1 sofa and a desk. 10 rooms share one kitchen. You are welcome to use the living rooms with a fireplace, TVs, the laundry room, beach volley-...
Address: Hatleholen, Løypeveien 3, 6012 Ålesund
Telephone: 70 17 76 00

Copyright © Clarion Collection Hotel Bryggen


Clarion Collection Hotel Bryggen

Clarion Collection Hotel Bryggen is a first class hotel, situated in an old warehouse by Brosundet in Ålesund. The hotel has got 85 comfortable rooms, with an interior that mirrors the town's maritime industry. Soothing relax department. Evening buffet...
Address: Apotekergt. 1-3, 6004 Ålesund
Telephone: 70 10 33 00

Copyright © First Hotel Atlantica


First Hotel Atlantica

First Hotel Atlantica is located in the heart of Ålesund. The hotel faces the languid Brosundet Canal and offers a splendid view of the fjord and mountains. Ålesund, built on scattering of islands, is famed for its Art Nouveau heritage and quaint...
Address: Rasmus Rønnebergsgt. 4, 6002 Ålesund
Telephone: 70 11 73 00

Copyright © Hotel Brosundet


Hotel Brosundet

The outer walls of Hotel Brosundet extends directly into the waters of Brosundet, Ålesund’s true town centre. Hotel Brosundet offers a different experience. As every room has been individually created, so is our service. With only 47 rooms, the hotel...
Address: Apotekergt. 5, 6004 Ålesund
Telephone: 70 11 45 00

Copyright © Quality Hotel Waterfront


Quality Hotel Waterfront

Welcome to Quality Hotel Waterfront, Ålesund's new hotel with a marvellous and bright location at the southern side of the town! The hotel has 196 beautiful and urban rooms divided into the old Art Nouveau house, the storage house and the modern...
Address: Nedre Strandgate 25-27, 6004 Ålesund
Telephone: 70 11 19 00

Copyright © Radisson BLU Hotel Ålesund


Radisson Blu Hotel Ålesund

By the quay in Ålesund you find the cosy and comfortable Radisson Blu Hotel Ålesund. The hotel has got 131 lovely and well equipped rooms, including suites and business-class rooms. The hotel's location gives most of the rooms a spectacular view to...
Address: S. Bullsgt. 7, 6002 Ålesund
Telephone: 70 16 00 00

Copyright © Rica Parken Hotel


Scandic Parken

Scandic Parken is situated in the centre of Ålesund, with a fantastic view of the city centre and the surrounding islands. The hotel has 197 rooms in total – all of them newly renovated. 17 of the rooms are suites – 7 of these are de luxe suites in the...
Address: Storgt. 16, 6002 Ålesund
Telephone: 70 13 23 00

Copyright © Rica Hotel Scandinavie


Scandic Scandinavie

Scandic Scandinavie is the oldest hotel in Ålesund, and the only one constructed in the renowned Art Nouveau Style. The unique hotel from 1905 went through a complete renovation in 2014. The Art Nouveau Style, combined with modern Scandinavian Style, is...
Address: Løvenvoldgt. 8, 6002 Ålesund
Telephone: 70 15 78 00

Copyright © Scandic Ålesund


Scandic Ålesund

By the waterfront you find Scandic Ålesund, and most of the hotel's 150 rooms have a fantastic view of the ocean and islands outside the town. The rooms vary in shape and size, but are all well equipped and comfortable, and the four junior suites all...
Address: Molovn. 6, 6004 Ålesund
Telephone: 21 61 45 00

Copyright © Sunde Fjord Hotel


Sunde Fjord Hotel

Visit the unique fjord hotel in Solavågen, and enjoy its fantastic view of the Storfjord, Hjørundfjord and the Sunnmøre Alps. Here you can live comfortably in one of the cosy rooms, all with access to veranda. The hotel's location by the warf in...
Address: Solevåg Fergekai, 6023 Ålesund
Telephone: 70 19 85 85

Copyright © Thon Hotel Ålesund


Thon Hotel Ålesund

Thon Hotel Ålesund is located in the end of Ålesund's pedestrian street; Kongensgate 27, with short access to Hurtigruten(moved to Prestebrygga for the time beingntil new  done), speed boat, flight bus and shopping. The only hotel in Ålesund with a...
Address: Kongensgt. 27, 6002 Ålesund
Telephone: 70 15 77 00

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Destinasjon Ålesund & Sunnmøre
N-6002 Ålesund
Tel.: 70 16 34 30

Destinasjon Geirangerfjord-Trollstigen
N-6216 Geiranger
Tel.: 70 26 30 99