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The area offers everything from luxurious hotels in international environments and family driven hotels with a sense for traditions and personal service, to a simpler accomodation in pensions or motels.


Storfjord Hotel

Overlooking the breathtaking Storfjord and the majestic Sunnmøre Alps, Storfjord Hotel is beautifully located high above the village of Glomset and offers traditional and luxurious accommodation. Ideally situated for Aalesund, the airport, and touring...
Address: Øvre Glomset, 6260 Skodje
Telephone: 70 27 49 22


Quality Hotel Ulstein

Ulsteinviks new cultural centre is attached to the hotel. The cultural hall Sjøborg seats 468 persons and is a perfect location for conferences, concerts and other cultural events. In the cultural centre there is also a cinema seating 118 persons. In...
Address: Sjøgata 10, 6065 Ulsteinvik
Telephone: 70 01 30 00


Accommodation at Runde Environmental Centre

Runde Miljøsenter offers apartments and rooms for accommodation. The apartments are brand new and modern, with fully equipped kitchen, bathroom with shower, a double room, a single room and a double sleeping couch in the living room. Furtheron, the...
Address: Runde Miljøsenter AS, Rundavegen 237, 6096 Runde
Telephone: 70 08 08 00


Thon Hotel Fosnavåg

Thon Hotel Fosnavåg opened in September 2014. The hotel have 115 rooms, conference rooms, restaurant with a great view of the sea, and is located on the quayside of Fosnavåg. In connection to the hotel you will find a concert hall and a movie theatre.
Address: Gerhard Voldnes Veg 7, 6099 Fosnavåg
Telephone: 700 81 000


Ulsteinvik Youth Hostel/Summer hotel

Ulsteinvik Hostel and Summer Hotel is located in the heart of Sunnmøre, between the charming Art Nouveau city of Ålesund and the unique bird island Runde. The area offers great opportunities for activities, such as boat trips on the fjords, birdwatching...
Address: Varleitevegen 7, 6065 Ulsteinvik
Telephone: 70 00 96 00


Hotel Union Øye

Hotel Union Øye has a phantastic story and has had had visits of a multitude of nobilities. It has been restored in the original style, where no room is alike. An outstanding experience! The year is 1891. Europe’s aristocracy and upper classes seek...
Address: Øye, 6196 Norangsfjorden
Telephone: 70 06 21 00


Sagafjord Hotel

Explore the newly renovated Sagafjord Hotel - Lodge, Marina & Resort situated in the middle of the fantastic Hjørundfjorden! After a period with full renovation the Hotel opened in July 2012. Sagafjord Hotel has also facilities for conferences and a restaurant.
Address: 6165 Sæbø
Telephone: +47 70 04 02 60


Gunnabuda - accomodation rooms

The holiday centre Gunnabuda is situated on Longva, on the island Flemsøya, north of Ålesund. The main building is located directly on the waterfront and offers 3 double rroms and 1 triple room. The rooms share one bathroom department for men and one for...
Address: Longva, 6293 Longva
Telephone: 70 21 78 16


Christineborg Guest House

Christineborg Guest House at Runde runs school camp and has facilities for conference, gatherings, receptions and accommodation. Welcome!
Address: Langeneset, 6096 Runde
Telephone: 70 08 59 50

Copyright © Hotell Ivar Aasen


Hotell Ivar Aasen

Hotell Ivar Aasen is located in the centre of Ørsta near the Ørsta fjord, and surrounded by the majestic Sunnmøre Alps. The hotel is near to bus stops, shops, doctor and taxi, and has both a restaurant and facilities for formal and informal...
Address: Parkveien 9, 6150 Ørsta
Telephone: 70 04 51 00

Copyright © Glede på Reisen Gjestehus


Glede på Reisen Guesthouse

Glede på Reisen Gjestehus lies in beautiful countryside on the island of Vigra, a short drive from Ålesund and offers courtesy transport from the airport by arrangement. An ideal location for rambling, hill walking, cycling, painting, bird-watching,...
Address: 6040 Vigra
Telephone: 70 18 50 99

Copyright © Volda Turisthotell


Volda Turisthotell

Volda Turisthotell is situated in the centre of Volda, and offers comfortable single and double bedrooms. The hotel has got it's own restaurant, disco/bar, and a large and well-equipped conference room with a big screen TV.
Address: Skjervavn 17, 6100 Volda
Telephone: 70 07 70 50

Copyright © Knutegarden - Norangdal


Knutegarden-Norangdal B&B

Knutegard is a farm fully operational with a busy farmyard. The farm is about 250 m. from Norangsfjorden. There are many animals: fjord horses, rabbits, fox, cattle and cats. Guest stay is the Old Farmer apt. in the main building, with separate entrance...
Address: Norangdal, 6196 Norangsfjorden
Telephone: 99 27 94 43

Copyright © Flyplasservice AS


Flyplasservice AS

Flyplasservice AS offers accommodation in 5 high standard hotel rooms. All rooms have space for 2 persons, bath/WC, wireless Internet and television. Possibility for an extra bed. In the corridor you will find coffee machine and refrigerator. You can...
Address: Ålesund Lufthavn Vigra, 6040 Vigra
Telephone: 48 27 17 98

Copyright © Lepsøy Misjonssenter


Lepsøy Misjonssenter

Hire of main house and-/or storehouse (18/9 beds). Used for family gatherings, birthdays, camps, weddings, choirs, scouts, school groups, etc. Self catering. Telephone: 99 33 55 01

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Destinasjon Ålesund & Sunnmøre
N-6002 Ålesund
Tel.: 70 16 34 30

Destinasjon Geirangerfjord-Trollstigen
N-6216 Geiranger
Tel.: 70 26 30 99