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Geiranger, Ålesund and Sunnmøre offer a varied selection within arts, culture and entertainment. If you are interested in arts and handicrafts, this part of the country contains a rich history, exciting techniques and fascinating expressions, where the practical needs of every day life meet history and legends.

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Alnes fishing village

At the end of the island Godøy lies the picturesque fishing village Alnes. The small community was earlier one of the largest fishing villages in the entire Sunnmøre region, and has got a unique and vulnerable nature and culture. From Alnes, you have...

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Alnes Lighthouse

Alnes Lighthouse lies in the fishing community Alnes at the island Godøy. The lighthouse from 1876 is protected, and a relic of Norwegian coastal culture. Here you can enjoy exciting historical exhibitions, and buy local souvenir and handcrafts. Take...

Copyright © Artifex Kunst & Antikviteter

Artifex Art & Antiques

Artifex Kunst & Antikk is one of Ålesunds largest galleries. They offer finer antiques and unique handicrafts and antiques from all the world. Local artists are well presented.

Audhild Vikens Vevstove

Audhild Viken

Audhild Vikens Vevstove – it means literally loom room – offers the widest range of gifts and souvenirs in Geiranger, so if you’re looking for gifts, or a keepsake for yourself to take home, you will find plenty to choose from here. Clothes, knitted...

B. Rongve AS

B. Rongve Torghallen AS has a wide range of work and leisure clothing, and we also sell souvenirs in the tourist season.

Copyright © Bakketunet på Bjørke

Bakketunet på Bjørke (Galleri Bjørk)

At the innermost end of the magnificent Hjørundfjord, in the village of Bjørke, lies Bakketunet with its six listed buildings, the most ancient of which has timbers dating as far back as 1549. This makes it the oldest cluster farm in Sunnmøre still...

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Borgarøya Trading Post

The island Borgarøya in the archipelago outside Ulsteinvik was a bustling trading community from the 17th century. At its peak, 17 houses were running business on the island. The main building on the island is from the 18th century, and 17 houses were...

Copyright © Sunnmøre Museum

Borgund Church

Borgund Church is situated in the old trading community Borgundkaupangen, and is partially built on the remains of the old St. Peter's Church from the 12th century. Most parts of today's church are from 1904, with lovely carvings by Nicolai Mejdel og...

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Brattvåg Church

Brattvåg church is a "working" church from 1977, situated in the municipality of Haram in the county Møre og Romsdal. The construction is in concrete and wood, and the church has 650 seats. Access to the church, which is a well-known tourist attraction,...

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The old farm Brudavolltunet has not changed a lot since the early 1800s. Here you can find peace and tranquility as well as tales of hardship. The museum is situated about five kilometres from the centre of Ørsta, in the direction of Sæbø.

Bødkeren på Harald Thorsviks plass i Ålesund


The statue "Bødkeren" is located at Haralds Torviksplass, between the Kipervikgaten and Keiser Wilhelmsgate. It was a gift to the municipality of Ålesund from Sparebanken Møre in connection with the 150 years anniversary of the town in 1998. The artist...

Katolsk Kirke i Ålesund

Catholic church

The Catholic Church has mass at these times: Sundays at 11.00. Second Saturday a month at 13.00 (please call in advance, not July/August), Wednesdays at 18.00 (not July/August).The third Thursday of the month at 12.00 (not July/August), and the first...

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Collection of veteran cars

Unique collection of veteran cars Many of the beautiful cars used to show tourists around the Geiranger area in the 1920s and 1930s are still roadworthy. One of these cars is on display in the reception area, while eight other vintage vehicles make up...

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Cylindra AS

Visit Cylindra in Sykkylven, and see the exhibition of unique sculptural furniture in a beautiful fiord scenery. Be induced by the exotic shapes of these pieces of furniture that mirror Norwegian nature and traditions. Experience some of the most...

Copyright © Dalsfjord Fyrmuseum

Dalsfjord Lighthouse Museum

The museum tells the stories of those who helped to build the lighthouse, lights, and ports along the Norwegian coast. Open in the Summer,  or by agreement.  


Dalsnibba Shop

The Dalsnibba viewpoint, a breathtaking 1,500 masl, offers fantastic views of fjord and mountains. Dalsnibba is one of the main attractions in Geiranger and Norway. Dalsnibba Souvenir shop is located in the service building on the viewpoint, and offers...

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