Haram municipality

GPS coordinates
Latitude: 62.594521731
Longitude: 6.4450947764
Storgata 19
6270 Brattvåg

Phone70 20 76 04
Fax70 20 75 01


Haram is the northernmost municipality in Sunnmøre, and comprises a large mainland area and four islands known as Nordøyane. The maritime industrial area has got about 8.800 inhabitants, and offers magnificent places with wild oceans and mountains.

Haram is one of Norway's foremost maritime industrial municipalities, and has got about 8.800 inhabitants. The municipality comprises four islands commonly known as Nordøyane- the North Islands, and a large mainland. All the small villages have their own distinct features, with beautiful areas of ocean, mountains and large waters.

In Haram you can study how the waves break against white rocks at the Norwegian coastline, and feel at one with the elements. Many places the Atlantic has made sculptures of potholes and caves, and the area is full of beautiful lighthouses, and ancient monuments, such as burial mounds from the Viking era.

Nordøyane lie one by one like a string of pearls, and are perfect for long bike rides.

Haram has a lot to offer, and some of the other attractions that are worth visiting are Hamsundhellaren cave, Ulla lighthouse and the areas largest mountain, Skjerdingen.

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Ulla Lighthouse

At Kvernholmen on the west side of Haramsøy you find the beautiful Ulla Lighthouse from 1874. For around 100 years the lighthouse was an occupation as well as living quarters for workers and their families. The lighthouse was built after a disastrous...
Address: 6290 Haramsøy
Telephone: 70210198

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Ulla Boathouses is a line of 9 boathouses, with the oldest house from 1650. These houses are preserved and restored and includes old boats and fishing gear. ...
Address: 6290 Haramsøy

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Hamsundhelleren cave is situated in Haram municipality, and here remains of weapons and tools from the Stone Age have been discovered. The cave was excavated for the first time in 1877, when both bones and a 2000 years old human jaw were found. Since...
Address: 6270 Brattvåg
Telephone: 70 20 76 04

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Haramsøy Guest Marina

Haramsøy guest marina also has 15 parking spaces for campers....
Address: 6290 Haramsøy
Telephone: 70 21 01 77


Haram Legevakt

Doctor within opening hours tel. +47 70 20 75 00, outside opening hours tel. +47 70 21 64 80....
Address: 6270 Brattvåg
Telephone: 70 21 64 80


Haram Folkebibliotek

Address: Strandg 40, 6270 Brattvåg
Telephone: 70 21 44 63

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Ulla, formerly a fishing community, lies at the northwest side of Haramsøy, and is a beautiful and rugged area. The sandy ground, rich in lime, in combination with pastures makes Ulla special when it comes to botany, and the area presents a range of rare...
Address: 6290 Haramsøy

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Destinasjon Ålesund & Sunnmøre
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Destinasjon Geirangerfjord-Trollstigen
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