Skodje municipality

GPS coordinates
Latitude: 62.507246680
Longitude: 6.8334960937
6260 Skodje

Phone70 24 40 00
Fax70 24 40 01

Skodje is situated in a beautiful fiord landscape, brimming with fishing possibilities. The municipality west of Ålesund has about 3.600 inhabitants, where 60 % are under the age of 40.

Surrounding Skodje municipality are large forests with old paths, and summer mountain pastures and farms. The mountains in the area have a panoramic view of the fiord scenery, and a hike up to the peaks of Nihusen and Haugtua is a great experience.

Skodje has got many possibilities for fishing for salmon and trout, such as the river Solnørelva and the water Engesetdalsvatnet, and the saltwater current by the two bridges Dragsundet and Skodje are also excellent fishing grounds.

The picturesque bridges over the currents Skodjestrømmen and Eggestrømmen were constructed in 1916-1919, and Skodje Bridge was at one time the largest stone bridge in Northern Europe. Today the beautiful bridge is a bottleneck in the area's traffic, and a new and modern bridge  opened in 2004. The old bridge will be preserved as a cultural monument, and the fantastic underwater world below it is a paradise for divers!

Contact details

Destinasjon Ålesund & Sunnmøre
N-6002 Ålesund
Tel.: 70 16 34 30

Destinasjon Geirangerfjord-Trollstigen
N-6216 Geiranger
Tel.: 70 26 30 99