Herøy municipality

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Latitude: 62.337845919
Longitude: 5.6375909560

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6099 Fosnavåg

Phone70 08 13 00
Fax70 08 13 01

Herøy municipality is located on the southern part of Sunnmøre, and is one of Norway's largest fisheries and offshore communities. The municipality has got 8.400 inhabitants, and comprises more than 200 small and large islands and islets, where the largest are inhabited and connected to each other by bridges.

Herøy has got strong historical roots dating hundreds of years back, and this is visible today through church ruins, burial mounds and an exciting Viking pageant.

With its long traditions in fisheries it is only natural that Herøy has its own museum dedicated to presenting stories and artefacts from this trade. Herøy Coastal Museum is situated at Herøy Gard, an old trading community and parsonage from the 1700-1800 hundreds. Come and explore its buildings, interior, fishing equipment, boats, and polar museum.

Many fantastic ocean areas that are considered a paradise for divers and fishers surround Herøy municipality. The remarkable island Runde is a nesting place for more than 500.000 birds each year, and is commonly known as the Treasure Island, due to the gold that has been found in the wreck of the Dutch ship "Akerendam" from 1725 just outside the island. A boat trip to see the birds and the rough nature here is truly a refreshing experience!
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At Havferie in Nerlandsøy you find a variety of ways to stay, all of high quality. Chose between apartment, house, and fisherman's shacks, suited for 3-8 people. All the buildings are well equipped, and the shacks have a sauna. Boat rental.
Address: Kvalsvik, 6098 Nerlandsøy
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Herøy Kyrkje

Address: Lisjebøvegen 1, 6091 Fosnavåg
Telephone: 70 08 02 60

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Herøy Kulturhus

Herøy Kulturhus has a cafeteria, conference room, sports arena and a banqueting room with a stage and seating for 430 persons. Cinema, concerts and shows.
Address: Lisjebøvegen 10, 6090 Fosnavåg


Herøy Folkebibliotek

Address: Lisjebøvegen 10, 6090 Fosnavåg
Telephone: 70 08 88 54

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