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Getting a fish on the hook is an exciting experience no matter age! In Norway, fishing in the sea and fjords is free. In rivers and waters you will need a fishing permit, which can be locally purchased. Fishing for salmon, sea trout or char requires a state fishing licence, on sale at all post offices.

Sea fishing
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Avtivities at Hjørundfjorden,

Hjørundfjord Adventures provide various activities like fishing and cultural guiding at the Hjørundfjord and Sunnmøre Alps area. Times On request. Prices On request. Worth noting Accommodation at Hjørundfjord HiHostel.

Fiske i Sykkylven

Fishing in Sykkylven

Sykkylven is an eldorado for fishing, and here you can try it in both rivers, waters and in fjords. There are excellent spots for fjord fishing along Hjørundfjorden, Sykkylvsfjorden and Storfjorden. Sykkylven has got several rivers for salmon fishing,...

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Fishing in the fjords

We offer many exciting boattrips and fishingtrips in beautiful surroundings in the fjords in Sunnmøre, at the west coast of Norway! Contact us and we will make a special package that is well suited for you! Capasity 2-4 persons.

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Fishing trip at Runde

The fishing trips are based on a price per hour for boat, skipper and loan of fishing tackle, and is not based on price per person. The trips starts from Runde harbour (approx. 2 hours drive from Ålesund) and normally takes 2-3 hours. The local skipper...

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Fishing trip with Genesis

M/S Nordic Genesis brings you to the best of the fjords for transport, fishing or sightseeing. Welcome on board!

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Go fishing!

Go fishing to the best and secret fishing spots, just outside the city of Ålesund.

Active Geiranger

Guided fishing trips

Come and enjoy one of our great guided fishing trips. We have good quality equipment and very friendly staff to take you out for an unforgettable trip. Our guides will take you to the best spots and will show you the best fishing techniques for the...


Guided Sea fishing - Aalesund (3-8 hours)

Salmon and inshore fishing
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In Volda you can visit the beautiful village community Austefjorden. Here you'll find fantastic possibilities for fishing in the fjord, and for salmon fishing in Fyrdselva River. The area is a good place to start on easy walks to Kalvatn and Grøndalen,...

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Common lands, Norddal

In Norddal municipality there is 163,3 km² of common Crown land for which fishing licences are sold. The Crown land is part of the Valldal and tafjord mountains. These areas are found at altitudes from about 1000 till 1999 m.a.s.l., and include 15 good...

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Djupdalen - Fremste heia i Valldal

The area includes the lakes Djupdalsvatnet (700 m.a.s.l.) and Glupen (734 m.a.s.l.) in the valley Djupdalen and Fremste Heitvatnet (889 m.a.s.l.), and the river from Heivatnet to Valldøla. The first two of these lakes can be reached by paths from the...

Ørret frå Storevatnet


Fishing licences can be purchased for the lakes Storvatnet, Litlevatnet and Litleøvstedalsvatnet included the river Dyrdøla. A toll road leads you from Hatlestad to Rellingsætra (fee NOK 40,-). 2 hours walk from here to the lakes in gentle...

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Eidsvatnet, Eidsdal

The lake is situasted beside the road rv 63, and is known to be one of the country's best fishing lakes by a main road. The licence area also includes river mounths and river heads. Boat rental. Season: 1st June - 30th August. Fishing...

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Fishing in Ørskog

Ørskog has got three valleys with rivers, and the Ørskog, Vaksvik and Solnørvassdraget rivers provide excellent fishing opportunities along with the Storfjord, plunging to a depth of 700 metres.

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Fishing in Hellesylt

For the whole Hellesylt (Sunnylven) area there is a common fishing permit, that includes all rivers and lakes, except the salmon rivers. Fishing permit: - COOP Sunnylven in Hellesylt - Box by the lakes The cost for...

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Fishing in Herdal and surroundings

Trout fishing in the lake Herdalsvatnet (496 m.a.s.l.), the lakes in Nøre-Herdalen, Vassdalen, Grjøtdalsvatnet, Kallskaret and in the river Herdøla and the inlet rivers to Herdalsvatnet. The starting point for fishing in this area is the summer farm...

Fiske i Sykkylven

Fishing in Sykkylven

Sykkylven is an eldorado for fishing, and here you can try it in both rivers, waters and in fjords. There are excellent spots for fjord fishing along Hjørundfjorden, Sykkylvsfjorden and Storfjorden. Sykkylven has got several rivers for salmon fishing,...

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Fishing in Tafjordfjella

A common fishing permit has been issued for Tafjordfjell that covers all lakes and rivers in the about 150 km2 large area except the lake Onilsavatnet. The following lakes and watercourses are included in the permit: Kaldhusvassdraget with the...



This permit in Geiranger covers Flydalsvatnet (1084 m above sea level) and the river in Flydalen. Price: NOK 75/day. Fishing permits: - Available from the farmhouses in Flydal.

Kolbeinsvatnet I

Geiranger East

This fishing zone includes Djupvatnet, Kolbeinvatnet, Fremste Viavatnet and all the lakes in Djupdalen.   Permitted fishing equipment: Rod and otter. Fishing lisence: - Dalen Gaard Familiecamping +47 90 87 74 60

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Idyllic, easily accessible lake, 15 min walk from Kilsti on private forest road. Make sure that gates are properly closed; there are lots of goats in the area. Do not seek contact with the goats, the young animals can easily get lost from the...

Salmon fishing in Eidsdalselva

Fishing season: 15.06–15.08 The river is divided into 3 zones with 4 rods per zone. Stretch with salmon approximately 6 km. The river is protected daily from 12.00-17.00 hours and 23.00-06.00 hours. From Sunday to Monday the river is...

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Salmon fishing in Korsbrekkeelva, Hellesylt

Stadheimfossen Camping & Cabins offers salmon fishing in Korsbrekkeelva at Hellesylt in a stretch of the river about 1 km from Stadheimfossen towards the sea. Prior to 10th August the whole stretch is open as a single zone for 4 rods, after 10th August...

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Salmon fishing in Korsbrekkeelva, Hellesylt (Hellesylt Feriehytter)

Hellesylt Holiday Cabins offers salmon fishing in an approximately 600 metre long stretch above the salmon ladders in Korsbrekkeelva at Hellesylt. The stretch is split into two zones of two rods each. Live bait, spinners and fly fishing are permitted

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